Ondas perfectas!

Ya que últimamente me han preguntado mucho como logro hacer las ondas en mi pelo que generalmente traigo decidí compartirles mis tips y trucos para lograrlo.

Primero les pido una disculpa por los videos, nunca había hecho uno pero con tal de enseñarles cómo me las hago pues…

Lo que les recomiendo es hacerlo con el pelo lavado de un día antes, de preferencia sin aceites (pueden traer crema termoactiva que yo la uso para secarme el pelo y evitar que se me maltrate) y la tenaza que les recomiendo usar para que sí les quede bien es una en forma cónica sin pinza, ya que las que son parejas no crean el mismo efecto. Yo utilizo la de Hot tools de cerámica Xl ya que tengo el pelo muy largo, pero hay una mas cortita que funciona igual.


Primero cepillen y dividan el pelo por la mitad, y siempre tienen que ir haciéndolo de atrás para adelante y de abajo hacia arriba, y si pueden, pónganse un guante para evitar quemarse si es que no están acostumbradas.

IMG_9560.jpg IMG_9558.jpg

Ahora sí les dejo los videos a continuación:


Y les comparto fotos utilizando la misma técnica para que vean que no siempre me queda igual aunque siga los mismos pasos:

IMG_1539.JPG IMG_1870.JPG

IMG_2850.JPG IMG_9502.JPG IMG_8691.JPG

FBB01AE0-1904-431A-9311-3A1AF55004E2.JPG IMG_9131.jpg nen.png

IMG_8977.JPG IMG_5880.JPG IMG_9048.JPG

Espero que les haya gustado, y si lo intentan, cuéntenme como les fue!

Besitos! Den.


Lately I´ve been asked too much about how I get my hair waves done, so I decided to share with you how I do it.

First of all, Sorry for my videos, I have never done one before, but since I truly want to show you how well…

What I recommend is to do it with your hair washed the day before, and best if it´s without oils or cremas (you can actually use thermoactive hair products to prevent damage, but that´s all). And the curling iron I ask you to use is a conic without a clasp, this is because the other ones do not create the same effect on your hair. I use one from Hot tools with ceramic in Xl size because I have very long hair, but there´s a shorter version that works the same.


First comb and divide your hair in half, and you have to always do the curls from back to front and from bottom to top, and if you can, please use a heat mitten to prevent your hands from burning if you are not used to style your hair like this.

IMG_9560.jpg IMG_9558.jpg

Please watch videos in Spanish version, here I will translate each of them:

Video 1:

“Hello girls, you have to first divide your hair in half. What I´m going to do is my left side wrap and twist my hair outwards my face and the right side the same thing, outwards my face.

Always start from the back and from the bottom, so what I do is wrap and twist my hair, leave it for a few seconds, I do not use the mitten because I´m used to it but I really recommend putting it on so you don´t burn your hands with the heat (on the pic), when we feel the hair is hot, we just let it go down our hand and hold for a few seconds, this is so the curl will hold it´s shape longer, we  let it cool before letting go.

I´ll do one from the other side, the curl will get it´s shape depending on the amount of hair wrapped, if you take too much hair, it will not hold a nice shape and it will be too open, if you take too little it will need much less time to curl.

If the curls are too tight, don´t worry it will get loose after a while. Let me finish my hair and I´ll retake the video on the top of my head.”

Video 2:

“Ok, girls, if you use a small amount of hair, use less time to curl, it will be tighter and I only do that on the front. Now, I use the iron on the max temperature because I have thick hair, but if you have thinner hair, use the temperature that suits you best. Now, I will be doing my front and here I want to show you better. you can vary the amount of hair in every curl, at the end it will all integrate, so remember to wrap and twist, hold a few second (here I took less hair as you can see) I let it go in my hand and hols until it cools a bit (as I said, this is so it holds it´s shape better because if not, it will be too loose and it will not last as it should).

I will finish it quickly so you can see it´s kinda fast. Another recommendation, if you want it to last longer and better, try to wash your hair one day before, and make sure it´s completely dry, because if it´s damp it will be impossible. And if you wash your hair the same day, then blow dry it, it will not hold as nice either I don´t know why, but it will deffinately make the curls look better with the hair washed a day before.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for me to finish with my hair length and amount, it will vary depending on how much and how long is yours and how experienced you get with time. With time time, the wrapping and twisting will become a natural movement and you will go faster.

Sorry for the video girls, I´m not used to and I don´t like to tape but but here I go, I put the iron and I wrap towards the outside, twisting and wrapping around, if you feel you left too much space on the top, just roll the iron to wrap it, but be careful don´t get the iron too close to your head. I let go on my hand and hold then let go. Try to use the mitten because the hair gets too hot.

I have natural curly hair so I can do this with my natural hair (it doesn´t look at it´s best but it helps when I´m in a rush) it will look better if I straight blowdry my hair one day before (If I blowdry it the same day, the curls don´t last, they dissappear quickly I don´t know why). For those of you who have very straight natural hair, try applying a very small amount of styling mousse on your  dry hair before curling to hold better (not too much because it will look like a doll´s hair)

Every time I do it my hair looks different I don´t know why, it never looks the same, it depends on the weather, the time you take to do it, how is your hair… One day it looks amazing, other days it will get loose. In a very damp weather it will frizz just a bit. I have many pictures in different places with my hair curled using this technique so you can see the differences). Remember, at the front I take less hair, here where it split down you can see that if you don´t hold it for a few seconds after using the iron, it will be too lose and they will not hold the shape longer.

I don´t like making videos but so many girls have asked me how i do my hair that I´m doing this to really show you how.

You have to move it a bit so it looks nice, if you want a more “beach wave” type of hair, comb it just a bit to make the curls a bit more loose… I will just leave it like this… I hope you like it! Kiss!”

And here are the pictures using the same technique so you can see it´s different every time I do it no matter I follow the same steps:

IMG_1539.JPG IMG_1870.JPG

IMG_2850.JPG IMG_9502.JPG IMG_8691.JPG

FBB01AE0-1904-431A-9311-3A1AF55004E2.JPG IMG_9131.jpg nen.png

IMG_8977.JPG IMG_5880.JPG IMG_9048.JPG

Hope you liked it! Share with me how did it go!

Kisses! Den.



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